Holdin’ Out

 Holdin Out is a ten-song gem that is worthy of any music fan’s collection. His crystal clear tenor voice perfectly compliments his inspiring song-writing gift. I have loved every minute of Rick Holdin’s album and look forward to more in the future. More of the same I say. ”

Brian Ahern, “Music and More”

Still Holdin’ Out

“Recommended, a jeweled collection, this repertoire is brimful of inspiration.”

Paul Davis, “Music Roundup”

“. . . His use of words is far reaching and his tunes are indeed a joy to listen to . . . this reviewer wonders when this talent will be allowed to step out of the wings and take his well deserved centre stage. Hope reigns.”

B. Ahern, “Music and More”

Just Lovesongs

“Listeners should find this collection a nice addition to their music libraries. The music is original and topnotch in scope . . . Fresh, creative, and imaginative, ‘Just Lovesongs will delight you with its mellow flavor and verve. . . highly recommended.”

Lee Prosser, “Jazzreview.com”